[Korea Trip] Taiwanese learned Baek je culture/ 台灣女生學百濟文化/ 대만게스트의 백제문화탐방 부여편 2
LET Studio / K-nights Maker Hello :) Second episode of Buyeo with Taiwanese guest :) This time, you can see the culture and heritages of Baek je dynasty If you enjoy this clip, plz Subscribe and like our clip
[korea trip] Taiwanese challenges K-nights in Buyeo / 台灣女生 挑戰 K-nights maker! / 대만게스트의 도전! 부여편 1
LET Studio / K-nights maker Hello It is New series of K-nights maker We had a trip in Buyeo with One couple from Taiwan :) It's not sunday but we will upload series on every sundays Have fun and don't forget like and subscribe :) If you shar
[Korea trip] New K-nights maker teaser clip / 부여편 티져영상
LET Studio Hi~ this is a teaser clip of K-nights maker New Challenger from Taiwan The first clip will upload on this SUNDAY :) 부여편 티져 영상입니다 ㅎ 일요일에 1편 업로드 예정입니다 ㅎ 기대해주세요 ㅎㅎ
[Korea trip program] K-nights maker chapter 3
The last story of Suwon If you want to see more, Come and Subscribe our channel :) https://www.youtube.com/c/LetStudio
K-nights maker chapter 2 : Canadian challenges the Archery
Hello~ It is uploading day, Sunday!! This week, Sam challenges the archery!! : ) https://youtu.be/BS5Q_p8_kSk Hope that Sam win this bet but Korean archery is not that easy. Let's see whether Canadian friend gets points of K-nights or not D